Password Safe

5.3.4 for Android

Securely save all of your passwords in one place



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Password Safe is an app that allows you to save and manage all of your passwords in a virtual safety box, located on your Android tablet or smartphone. To access this virtual safety box, you'll need a special password that you will have to establish the first time you open the app.

When managing all of your passwords, you'll be able to create categories and note down any relevant information that you need. Also, you'll have the option to randomly generate a password to create more secure keys to access whatever you need. You can even insert a widget to generate passwords straight from your desktop.

The safety measures that are mentioned in Password Safe include interesting details like the fact that this app does not connect to the internet, and it won't allow any of your devices to take a screenshot while it's open on your screen.

Password Safe is a very good application for managing passwords. Thanks to Password Safe, you'll be able to add an extra layer of security to all of your user accounts. The PRO version of the app includes a ton of handy add-ons that will keep your passwords even safer.


Requires Android 4.2.3 or higher.

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